Patronal Feast Day in Lake Odessa

On Sunday evening, December 11/24 and Monday morning, December 12/25, the feast of St. Herman was marked at the parish bearing the name of the Apostle of All America in Lake Odessa, Michigan.

On the feast day itself the Divine Services were led by Archpriest Gregory Joyce, Dean of Michigan parishes. The Rector of the Parish, Archpriest Michael Carney, directed the parish choir on this day and communed in the altar. Also serving at the feast day were:

Priest Dmitri Mihaliov, Clergyman of St. Vladimir Parish in Ann Arbor

Deacon Elias Reeves, Clergyman of St. Herman Parish in Lake Odessa

Deacon Dmitriy Kashchenko, Clergyman of St. Vladimir Parish in Ann Arbor


Faithful gathered from throughout the southern half of Lower Michigan for the feast, with nearly everyone present partaking of the Holy Mysteries on this day.

Fr. Gregory greeted Fr. Michael, Deacon Elias, and the faithful on behalf of Archbishop Peter, who was unable to be present at the feast.

Following the Divine Liturgy the parish sisterhood provided a hearty Lenten meal for all in attendance. Many of the faithful stayed well into the afternoon, enjoying the company of fellow Orthodox Christians on the feast day of the great wilderness saint.

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