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- 03/30/25
Archpastoral Impressions of the Centenary Celebrations of the Martyrdom of the Royal Family - 07/24/19
Archpastoral Visit to Saint Innocent of Moscow - 05/16/19
Archbishop Peter participates in the Divine Services Marking the 100th Anniversary of the Martyrdom of the Russian Royal Family - 04/29/19
Conclusion of the ORPR Camp Session 2018 - 04/17/19
Diocesan Cathedral Marks its Feast Day - 04/16/19
107th Anniversary of St. George Church in Michigan City, IN - 03/21/19
Archbishop Peter led the Divine Liturgy at the Trinity Cathedral of the Russian Ecclesiastical Mission (Mosocow Patriarchate) in Jerusalem - 03/15/19
Archbishop Peter serves Divine Liturgy on the Feast of the Preeminent Apostles Peter and Paul in Moscow - 03/07/19
Archbishop Peter Visits Urbana, OH - 02/11/19
Hierarchal Visit to Minneapolis - 01/31/19
Patronal Feast of Sts. Sergius & Herman of Valaam Monastery - 01/30/19
Ordination into Priesthood; Photoreport from the Diocesan Cathedral - 01/23/19
Archbishop Peter Leads Pilgrimage to the Holy Land September 3-17, 2018 - 01/18/19
Archbishop Peter serves All-Night Vigil on the eve of the Feast of the Preeminent Apostles Peter and Paul in Moscow - 01/16/19
Triennial Diocesan Assembly - 12/31/18
Holy Transfiguration - ordination of Fr. David Companik to the priesthood and Subdcn. David Shephard to the deaconate - 12/28/18
Patronal Feast Day in Ann Arbor - 12/25/18
Anniversary of the Repose of Archbishop Seraphim - 12/25/18
Archbishop Peter Visits Ann Arbor Parish - 12/24/18
Archbishop Peter Marks 15 Years of Episcopal Service - 12/20/18
Archbishop Peter Participates in the Divine Services on the Eve of the Feast of the Kazan Icon in Moscow - 12/17/18
Diocesan Clergyman Graduates from Moscow Theological Academy - 12/16/18
Orthodox Pastoral School Graduation - 12/04/18
Feast of Venerable Sergius in the Holy Archangels Monastery - 11/30/18
St. Vladimir Feast Day at ORPR Camp - 11/26/18
Archbishop Peter serves Divine Liturgy on the 7th Sunday after Pentecost in Moscow - 11/23/18
Diocesan Council Meeting Dates for 2016-2018 Set - 11/20/18
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V. Rev. Gregory Joyce
V. Rev. Gregory Joyce
V. Rev. John Whiteford
V. Rev. John Whiteford
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The Dean's List