Parish Brotherhood is Formed at St Basil the Great Church in St Louis

November 7th marked the first official meeting and celebratory feast of St. Basil the Great Church’s Brotherhood of St. Alexander Nevsky, which was formed with the blessing of His Eminence Archbishop Peter. The occasion began with a Moleben Before Beginning of Any Good Work, and proceeded to the announcement of the charter rules and voting on positions within the brotherhood.

As the charter itself states the matter succinctly enough, I will merely quote the following:

It is the brotherhood’s objectives, on the one hand, that those who enter its membership may perfect themselves morally in Christian virtue, in accordance with the teaching of the Russian Orthodox Church under the pastoral guidance of their Rector and in close contact with the life of the Church; and, on the other hand, the object of the brotherhood is to render active aid to its parish church and to carry out, in a practical manner, the duties of the parish

The duties of the brotherhood are:

  • Assisting in preparing the church building for Divine Services.
  • Monitoring the temple interior and exterior with the purpose of preventing any activities potentially harmful or dangerous.
  • Assisting in maintenance of the physical aspect of the temple, both interior and exterior (e.g., painting, repairing the church building, etc.).
  • Aiding in the spread of the Orthodox Faith in the Greater St Louis area.
  • Concern for those who are Orthodox, but who do not attend services, that they will begin to attend services, partake of the Holy Mysteries of the Church, and become fully incorporated into the parish life.
  • Care for the financial well-being of the parish (for this purpose special fundraising activities may be established).

There will be a yearly Brotherhood celebration on August 30th/September 12th, the day commemorating the translation of St. Alexander Nevsky’s relics.

Through the prayers of the Holy Right-believing Great Prince Alexander, may God help the brethren in fulfilling their service at St Basil the Great Church and grant them His abundance mercies.

Bryan Basil Kopel

Brotherhood Chronicler

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