Patronal Feast Day in Ann Arbor

Our parish in Ann Arbor, MI celebrates its feast day on the day of St. Vladimir the Great Prince and Enlightener of the Russian Lands: July 15/28. This year, the feast falling on Sunday, Archbishop Peter stayed in Vladimirovo for the ORPR Camp celebrations. Clergymen from the Russian, Serbian, and Antiochian Churches participated in the Divine Services in Ann Arbor:


Archpriest Gregory Joyce, Rector of St. Vladimir Church

Archpriest Viktor Trotskyy, Rector of Dormition Cathedral in Ferndale, MI

Priest Moses McPherson, Cleric of St. Vladimir Church

Deacon Ioann Feloniuk, Cleric of Dormition Cathedral

Deacon Joseph Appling, Cleric of St. George Serbian Church in Monroe, MI

Deacon Vladimir Pyrozhenko, Cleric of St. Vladimir Church

Deacon Dmitry Kashchenko, Cleric of St. Vladimir Church


In addition to the above listed clergy:

Deacon Zacharias Martinchek, Cleric of St. Mary Antiochian Basilica in Livonia, MI

Deacon Elias Reeves, Cleric of the St. Herman of Alaska Church in Lake Odessa, MI

The parish choir sang the Divine Services prayerfully, beautifully, and trimphantly under the direction of Julia Easson, the parish Choir Director.

Following the Divine Liturgy on the feast day itself, at which a multitude of faithful partook of Holy Communion from two chalices, a cross procession was held, followed by a picnic for all in attendance. The gathered faithful lingered long into the beautiful Michigan afternoon under the picnic tent recollecting the festive services, and St. Vladimir’s Days past at the parish. With Archbishop Peter’s blessing the parish has completed the construction of a parish cemetery and intends to begin construction of a parish day school later this year. The parish family asks prayers for the success of these projects.

Pictures of the festivities can be found here:

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