An August Pascha in Houghton

On Saturday, August 5 and Sunday August 6 our parish in Houghton, Michigan was home to a gathering of faithful from throughout the diocese for the wedding of Maria Naasko (daughter of Priest Benjamin Naasko, assigned to the Sts. Sergius & Herman of Valaam Parish there) and Nikolai Ross. On Saturday evening the Vigil was officiated by Hieromonk Alexei (Dixon), visiting from St. Demetrius Monastery in Virginia. The Vigil was sung beautifully by a choir composed of young singers from the St. Vladimir parish in Ann Arbor, Michigan, St. George parish in Cincinnati, Ohio, and the Sts. Peter & Fevronia parish in Kansas City, Kansas.

On Sunday, August 6 that same guest choir led the faithful in prayer as the Liturgy was served by the following clergymen:

Archpriest Gregory Joyce, St. Vladimir Parish, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Archpriest Daniel Marshall, St. George Parish, Cincinnati, Ohio

Priest Jesse Philo, St. John Mission,Kennewick, Washington

Priest Peter Markevich, Holy Trinity Parish, Mebane, North Carolina

Priest Benjamin Naasko, Sts. Sergius & Herman Parish, Houghton, Michigan

Hieromonk Alexei (Dixon), St. Demetrius Monastery, Spotsylvania, Virginia

Priest Jesse Rimshas, St. Jacob Mission, Marquette, Michigan


At the Divine Liturgy sixty people partook of the Holy Mysteries of Christ, by far the largest number ever to commune at the Sts. Sergius & Herman parish. Seventy five of the faithful venerated the Holy Cross at the conclusion of the Liturgy.

After a short break the wedding of Nikolai and Maria took place, attended by even more people than those who attended the Divine Liturgy. The wedding was served by Fr. Gregory Joyce, Fr. Peter Markevich, and Fr. Jesse Philo. Following the crowning of the couple a reception in their honor was held at a local social hall. Sent from my iPhone - please forgive the brevity/typos.

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