Before Thy Cross

A parishioner of St. Jacob of Alaska Mission of Marquette, Michigan, guided and assisted by his father, who is a master woodworker, crafted this beautiful six-foot cross in less than two weeks. Because St. Jacob's currently sets up and tears down at NMU (Northern Michigan University) Northern Center, it was essential that this cross be very portable. To save weight, it is hollow, constructed out of three-quarter inch boards of solid oak, with beautifully fitted joints. It also disassembles quickly, so it can be more easily transported. Its stand was specially designed to allow easy setup and maximal stability while showing as much of the base of the cross as possible.

The parishioner and his father donated all materials and labor to the mission free of charge. St. Jacob's is grateful to God for providing parishioners who are so gifted and generous with their time and talent!

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