Archbishop Peter Serves Liturgy at Dormition Cathedral in Kiev

On Sunday, May 20/June 2, 2019 His Eminence, Archbishop Peter, in the continuance of his visit to Kiev to strengthen the ties between the Pastoral School of our diocese and the Kyiv Theological Academy, served Liturgy at the Dormition Cathedral of the Kiev Caves. Leading the Divine LIturgy was the Assistant Abbot of the Caves Monastery, Metropolitan Paul of Vyshgorod & Chernobil. Archbishop Panteliemon of Buchansk and Bishop Sylvester of Belogorod, Rector of the Kyiv Theological Academy. Also participating at the LIturgy among a large number of priests and deacons were the Dean of the Pastoral School, Fr. Gregory Joyce, and diocesan Protodeacon Alexander Kichakov. It had been hoped that Metropolitan Onuphry would have been able to lead the Liturgy oh this day, but he was unfortunately ill. Following the Liturgy, Metropolitan Pavel invited Archbishop Peter to his quarters for a meal.

Following the meal the small delegation from our diocese had the opportunity to rest in preparation for a very busy day planned for Monday.

Pictures and a short write up of the Divine Liturgy can be found at this site:

A Participant

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