Archbishop Peter Meets with Students of the Kyiv Theological Academy

On Monday, May 21/June 3, His Eminence Archbishop Peter met with students of the Kyiv Theological Academy for a spiritual discussion. Vladyka told the students about the life of Orthodox Christians in America, his time as the last cell keeper of St. John of Shanghai & San Francisco, some of the other important personalities of the Russian Orthodox Church Abroad His Eminence knew personally, and more. The students ask questions on these themes and more, and a robust discussion took place. It was clear that Archbishop Peter, having been an instructor at Holly Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, NY for 25+ years enjoyed his time interacting with the students, and that they enjoyed their time with him. Following the discussion Archbishop Peter and those traveling with him continued their work with the administration of the Academy and the administration of the Ukrainian Church, meeting with Bishop Sylvester, as well as Metropolitan Athony of Borispol and Brovarsk, Chancellor of the Ukrainian Church under the leadership of His Beatitude, Metropolitan Onuphry.

Pictures and a short account of the day’s activities can be found at this link:

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