Second Oklahoma Tornado Incident

Just a week following a devastating tornado that struck the city of Moore, Oklahoma, there was another series of storms which spurned additional tornadoes and heavy downpours with ensuing floods in the Oklahoma City metro area.  The diocese received the  following communication from Fr. Anthony Nelson, rector of St. Benedict's Orthodox Church in Oklahoma City on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013:

"Just got power back on at home...

Made it through OK. One tornado passed ONE block from the church and did no damage. Seventeen miles to the north-northwest, one passed about 1/2 mile from my house and did no damage. I was underground in a storm shelter for about an hour. Torrential rains brought flash-flooding across the OKC metro water at the church, but we had 2-ft of water in our neighborhood."

He added that he subsequently did suffer fairly significant personal water damange, but like most Oklahomans, does not carry flood insurance due to the extreme rarity of such an event there.

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