Bishop Peter leads services in De Queen, AR

On the weekend of the October 1st and 2nd, His Grace, Bishop Peter made a pastoral visit to All Saints of America church in De Queen, Arkansas.  Accompanying Vladika were Deacon Alexander Kichakov and altar server Nicholas Papkov from Chicago.  They flew into Little Rock, AR, then drove two and a half hours to De Queen by car.  

All-Night Vigil was served Saturday evening, followed by pontifical Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning.  After the reading of the 6th hour, Bishop Peter raised Reader Nicholas Olsen to the rank of Subdeacon.  During the Small Entrance, he elevated Father George Brooks to Archpriest.  

While the parish is small, it is fully equipped: being comprised of a church, rectory, beautiful bells, hall and library, guest house, and cemetery.  Being the only Russian Orthodox Church in Arkansas, some parishioners travel a distance of one hundred fifty miles to attend services.  The service language is primarily English, and the attendees are both English and Russian speakers.  

Communal meals were served after both Vigil on Saturday and Divine Liturgy on Sunday.  During the Sunday trapeza, Vladika answered questions posed by the parishioners .  

The property is very beautiful and the church is well organized.  Fr. George has a woodshop on the premises, and supports himself and his matushka as a cabinetmaker.  

Glory be to God in all things! Reader Nicholas Lochmatow

De Queen, AR - 10/02/11

Photos by Deacon Alexander Kichakov  

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Archpriest George Brooks
All Saints of America, pray unto God for us!
Parish Cemetery
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