Donations needed for Texas fire victims
Dear Fathers, Brothers, and Sisters,
I write with the blessing of His Grace Peter, Bishop of Cleveland.
I regret to inform you that one family in our Holy Protection parish, Austin, Texas, suffered catastrophic loss due to the Bastrop fires. John and Dominica McGinnis' house burned to the ground with all their belongings.
I appeal to you now in behalf of Dominica and her family (husband John, daughters Katherine, Sarah, Elizabeth, and Helena). They will be needing meals, clothing, lodging, and the replacement of the curriculum materials which were lost (Dominica homeschools her children and their education must be resumed). All charitable donations for assisting this worthy family who are in such great need, may be mailed to:
     Orthodox Benevolent Fund
     P.O. Box 203
     Fly Creek, NY  13337
Please write "Bastrop Fire Victims" on the check or money order.
If we discover that other faithful have suffered loss in the Bastrop fires, they will also be eligible for funds from the Orthodox Benevolent Fund, but so far to my knowledge all other evacuated families were spared.  
God reward you for your kind generosity.

Hieromonk Aidan (Keller)
cell 512 696 6890
Holy Protection Church, Austin, Texas
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