St. Vladimir Feast Day in Ann Arbor, MI
The annual feast day of the Equal of the Apostles Great Prince Vladimir is always a day of rejoicing for the Orthodox faithful, but especially those in parishes which bear the name of St. Vladimir.  One such parish in our diocese is found in Ann Arbor, MI.  This year marks the 28th anniversary of the Ann Arbor parish.  Feast day services were held on July 28th, with vigil the evening before.  At the Divine Liturgy on the day of the feast the Rector of the parish, Priest Gregory Joyce, presided with the parish’s Deacon John Feloniuk and clergy from throughout the Detroit metropolitan area concelebrating.  The parish choir sang magnificently at both of the Divine Services.  The morning of the feast brought dark skies and an ominous forecast, but by the time the Liturgy ended the skies had cleared and the faithful were able to process around the church while singing the traditional moleben to St. Vladimir.  The young people of the parish rang the bells triumphantly as the faithful carried banners, the icon of St. Vladimir, as well as the Holy Cross and Holy Gospel around the parish church and the sun shone brightly with a light breeze.  Following the Liturgy the St. Xenia Sisterhood offered a delicious meal and many of the faithful from the St. Vladimir parish, as well as visitors present for the feast, stayed well into the afternoon recalling this feast day and feast days past.  Photos of the parish’s patronal feast day can be viewed on the parish’s web site:

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