Dormition services at the cathedral
On the feast of the Dormition of the Mother of God, the Cathedral served the Jerusalem rite burial service.  Vespers was in the early evening as usual, but mattins began at 10 PM.  The first part of the service differs from the usual service in that it begins with the chanting of God is the Lord to the melody of "The Noble Joseph" and continues with special troparia which are very similar to those of Good Friday but relate to the falling asleep and assumption of the Mother of God.  A special order of "Praises" are chanted at the tomb and matins continues as usual through the Great Doxology and culminates in a procession with the cross around the church.  Returning at the stroke of midnight, Divine Liturgy began and nearly all who attended partook of the Holy Mysteries.  Many commented that it felt like Pascha.  Indeed, the Dormition is often termed the Pascha of the Theotokos.

For those who were unable to attend the midnight services, a later liturgy beginning at 9 AM was again served with many in attendance and many partaking of the Holy Gifts.

Dormition - 08/28/12

Jerusalem Rite of the Burial of the Mother of God

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