Bishop Peter serves the Liturgy of St. James, Brother of the Lord

On Saturday, November 5th, Bishop Peter served the Liturgy of St. James, apostle and brother of the Lord,  Con-celebrating were the cathedral and several local clergy.  This most ancient of liturgies differs in many ways both in the contents of its prayers and petitions as well as in the flow of the service, from that of the liturgy of St. John Chrysostom.  With its origin in early Christendom, one still hears the many petitions for those who suffer persecution for their faith.

The service was adorned with the singing of a male trio which, in keeping with the ancient nature of the service, used exclusively early polyphonic Slavic and Byzantine chants, a sample of which is provided below.

All who attended were deeply impressed with the beauty of this service and expressed the hope that this would be served on an annual basis of the feast of St. James.

Liturgy of St. James, apostle and brother of the Lord - 11/05/11

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O Only Begotten Son


Teaching of the hierarch (Russian)

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