His Grace Bishop Peter celebrates the feast of St. Sergius of Radonezh at his cathedral in Cleveland (Parma), Ohio

Saturday, the eighth of October, marked the feast of St. Sergius of Radonezh, a spiritual father of monasticism in Muscovite Rus.  His Grace Bishop Peter celebrated the memory of this great saint by leading hierarchical divine services at his cathedral, dedicated to St. Sergius, in Cleveland (Parma), Ohio.  

The cathedral clergy and faithful were honored to have Vladika's presence at their patronal feast.  The altar was replete with celebrating clergymen, from the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia and from the neighboring Orthodox dioceses.  All of the Cathedral's clergy were present: Archpriest Peter Burlakov, Priests Ilya Marzev and Peter Zelenoi, and Deacon Nikolai Pravitsky.  They were joined by Archpriest Roman Star, Dean of the Central States Deanery of the Russian Orthodox Church (Moscow Patriarchate), and Archpriest Basil Stoyka, Rector of Sts. Peter and Paul Orthodox Church (OCA) in Lorain, Ohio.  

Representing the Serbian Orthodox Church were Fr. Dragomir Tuba, from St. Archangel Michael Orthodox Church in Akron, Ohio and Fr. Zivojin Jakovljevic, from St. Sava Serbian Orthodox Cathedral in Parma, Ohio.  Other participating ROCOR clergymen included Priests Victor Trotsky, Seraphim Wing and Antony Alekseyenko.  Bishop Peter was assisted by Deacon Alexander Kichakov and a host of altar servers.  

For Fr. Antony, who is studying at the Sretensky Theological Seminary in Moscow, these were his first services as a priest in his home parish in America.    

The Cathedral's choir sang under the direction of Reader Vladimir Rodzianko during All-Night Vigil on Friday evening, and continued under the direction of Reader Kurt Sander during Divine Liturgy on Saturday morning.  The services were concluded, as is proper on a patronal feast, with a triumphant procession of the Cross around the cathedral.

Fr. Ilya thanked Bishop Peter for his presence, not only as hierarch but also as a loving and caring father who is attentive to his flock.

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