Saint Olga Russian Orthodox Church

Saint Olga Russian Orthodox Church held its first Liturgy on July 1, 2023, with over 40 people in attendance. Liturgy was served by Archpriest Gregory Joyce. Since then, God has continued to bless this mission and the church has met every week thereafter. The usual attendance is between 20 and 27 people on Sundays when we serve Typika, and even more when a priest is sent to serve liturgy. In just 3 months since the church was established, it has gathered a strong group of people with a remarkable number of kids. With great enthusiasm and the help of parents, the church has established a Sunday School and Nursery for these little parishioners. Another faithful parishioner is offering a free class to learn Russian every Sunday. A new library has been started and people are checking out books in both Russian and English. Each Sunday service is followed by a potluck dinner where all enjoy conversation and fellowship. As a result of all these activities, people are learning about Christ and learning to walk in the Orthodox Faith. Even a few people who want to accept our faith are planning to join remotely a catechumen class offered by Fr. Gregory Joyce’s parish.

On September 24, 2023, Father Artemii Makartetskyi came to Sioux Falls and served Saint Olga Orthodox Church’s third liturgy. On the following day, the Kursk-Root Icon visited the church where the “Order of the Moleben Sung Before the Wonderworking Kursk-root Icon of the Mother of God ‘of the Sign’” was served by Father Artemii Makartetskyi and Father Kevin Kirwan. Over 75 people attended the service and even the local news media came unexpectedly to see the wonder working icon. After the service many people stayed for coffee, tea, cookies, and home-made ice-cream. On top of this wonderful service, there were at least 4 people who came and expressed an interest in Orthodoxy! To God be the Glory!

We would like to express gratitude to Archbishop Peter, Archpriest Gregory, Fathers Artemii and Kevin for their help and prayers. Please pray with us that our Lord will send us a priest who would help us to fulfill the mission Christ has given St. Olga Russian Orthodox Church!

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