Archbishop Peter Leads Diocesan Brotherhood Feast Day

4th Sunday of the Great Fast 2022

Saint John of the Ladder

On this past Sunday the Church celebrated our venerable father John Climacus, or John ‘of the Ladder,’ who is the patron saint of the monastic brotherhood centered in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. For the first time in several years, mostly due to the pandemic, some of the monastic brotherhood of the diocese was able to gather. This year our beloved Abbot, Archbishop Peter, was able to come to Sts Sergius and Herman of Valaam Monastery to celebrate the brotherhood’s patronal feast. During his stay, he was able to give wise instruction on everything from liturgical life to head coverings to how to help share the Faith with our heterodox relatives.

Alongside our Archbishop, Archpriest Gregory Joyce, Dean of Michigan Parishes, as well as Hieromonk Raphael (Tadros), who is part of the monastic brotherhood but serves several parishes in Indiana and Illinois, were all able to celebrate the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy with the clergy attached to the Monastery: Priest Benjamin Naasko, Hierodeacon Alexei, and Deacon Jesse Rimshas.

There was a total of 50 of us in the Church from many places in Michigan, as well as Chicago and Indiana - more than half were able to commune of the life-giving Mysteries of Christ.

Many thanks goes to our small group of chanters who sang the Vigil service on Saturday evening, as well as the visiting Fitza family who sang for the Hierarchal Divine Liturgy on Sunday morning.

We were able to have a meal after the Vigil to greet Vladyka, as well as a festive trapeza following the Divine Liturgy thanks to the labors of those who cooked and prayed with us. Vladyka Peter and many of the clergy and faithful stayed for hours celebrating the feast together.

We are very grateful to Elizabeth and Anna for their photos of the patronal feast day of our Diocesan Monastic Brotherhood.

Hierodeacon Alexei

Member of the Brotherhood of St. John Climacus

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