Mission in Madison, WI

A Russian mission was started in Madison in 1950 and existed for 18 years. It was located in the Greek Orthodox church. A Russian priest came from Milwaukee every other Saturday and conducted services. With the blessing of the Most Reverend Peter, bishop of Cleveland, a Russian mission is opening in this same Greek church and the rector of Holy Trinity Russian Orthodox Church Abroad, Archpriest Vasyl Kuzmych, will nurture it.  With the recent increase of recent Russian emigres attracted to the university town, a need exists again to minister to the Russian-speaking Orthodox population in Madison.

On Saturday the 12th of January, after a 45-year break, the first Liturgy was served in the Church Slavonic language. The next service will take place on January 26th. At 9 A.M. there will be confessions. At 10 A.M., the Liturgy, coffee hour, and gathering.

Many thanks to the rector of the Greek parish, Fr. Michael, and to the parish council, for loaning their church to our Russian mission.

On the 18th of January, on the eve of Theophany, at 6 in the evening, Fr. Michael will perform the blessing of water. Please come to this service.
The church is located at the address: 11 North 7th St. Madison, WI 53704

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