Archpastoral visit of His Grace Bishop Peter to Holy Trinity Church in Milwaukee, WI

On Sunday, September 25th, His Grace Bishop Peter celebrated Divine Liturgy at Holy Trinity Church in Milwaukee, WI.  He visited this parish in order to give his archpastoral blessing to its sisterhood, which celebrated its feast day on the previous Wednesday, the Nativity of the Most Holy Theotokos.  Bishop Peter was joined in concelebration by Archpriest Vasyl Kuzmych, rector of the parish, Archpriest Marko Todorovic of the St Nikola Serbian Orthodox Church in Cuday, WI, and Priest Tarasiy Maximtsev.  Protodeacon Dimitri Kamolov and Deacon Alexander Kichakov, along with a full host of altar servers from Chicago and Milwaukee, assisted His Grace during the service.  

The celebratory meal was prepared by the sisterhood in conjunction with a family of Armenian parishioners, who braved the rain to roast a savory shish kabob  for all attending.  At the meal, Bishop Peter applauded the efforts of Father Vasyl in organizing the parish and leading his flock.  His Grace then thanked the sisterhood for their hard work and dedication to the Holy Trinity Church.

Glory be to God in all things!

Reader Nicholas Lochmatow

Archpastoral visit to Milwaukee - 09/25/11

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