Office of the Chancery

Diocese of Chicago & Mid-America, ROCOR

Prayer Request for George and Vera Ignatiev

April 25/May 8, 2017

Apostle Mark


On Sunday, April 24/May 7, 2017 George and Vera Ignatiev, in Canada for the celebration of a relative’s wedding, were involved in a major car accident. Both George and Vera have been hospitalized due to injuries suffered in the accident. Based on the medical opinions we have received the injuries are not life-threatening. However, His Eminence Archbishop Peter asks the prayers of the faithful of our diocese for these two exemplary Orthodox Christians. George and Vera have been instrumental in the execution of our annual ORPR Youth Camp for decades, and have helped the diocese in many other ways as well, both publicly and “behind the scenes”. Their work for the Church has not been for their glory, but rather for the glory of God. Their example is one that we should emulate in this regard. That all being said, now is not the time for accolades, but rather the time for prayer. Please remember the servants of God George and Vera in your prayers as they recover from their injuries, and that the Lord will quickly “...raise them up from their couch of sickness and from their bed of suffering healed and whole; [and] grant them to be well-pleasing unto [His] Church and to do [His] will.” (A Prayer for the Ailing, Holy Trinity Monastery, 1984)

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