Met. Jonah visits St. George Parish on its Anniversary


St. George parish in the Cincinnati suburb of Loveland celebrated its 28th anniversary Nov. 12-13. With the blessing of Archbishop Peter, Metropolitan Jonah visited the parish for this joyous event. The parish was also honored to welcome Archimandrite Seraphim, Abbot of Holy Cross Monastery, who brought with him hierodeacon Paisius and subdeacon Macarius. Also serving were parish clergy, priest Daniel Marshall, priest Pavel Akmolin and deacon Alexander Petrovsky.

Under the leadership of parish Choir Director, Dr. Kurt Sander, the singing inspired a prayerful atmosphere. The parish sisterhood prepared a delicious meal. Met. Jonah shared a few inspiring words with the parish, explaining the Church’s understanding of illness, particularly as it concerns children. One 10-year-old member of the parish community, Vycheslav Anufriev, is currently struggling with cancer. Donations made be made here:

Selection of photos courtesy of Michael D. Malloy

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