Feast of Pokrov

October 13 and 14th, the feast of the Protection of the Mother of God was marked with festal hierarchical services at the Cathedral on its patronal feast day.  In conjunction with the fall pastoral conference, a great number of diocesan clergy were present for the services.  At the Little Entrance during the Divine Liturgy Bishop Peter granted the following awards:

     V. Rev. Gregory Joyce was presented with a palitsa
     V. Rev. John Whiteford was made an archpriest
     V. Rev. Lubomir Kupets with a gold cross
     Rev. Zachary Rose with a nabedrenik
     Hieromonk Alexander (Reichert) with a nabedrenik
     Rev. Sergei Alekseev with a nabedrenik and a kamilavka
     Fr. Deacon Nicholas Park with a double orarion


At the same service, Subdeacon Nikolai Lochmatow was elevated to rank of deacon.  He will be attached to the cathedral and will also serve at St. Vladimir's church in Vladimirovo (on the diocesan summer camp property).


At the conclusion of the service, Bishop Peter thanked the pontifical choir led by Dr. Michael Gill for their tireless efforts in beautifying the service though song and congratulated them on the feast day of their heavenly intercessor, St. Romanos the melodist.


A banquet was prepared by the Sisterhood and following the meal, a presentation was made regarding problems in churching adults in modern Russia by a guest lecturer followed by a lively discussion.

Glory to God in all things!


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