Pastoral School Graduation
On Saturday, June 1/14, 2014 the Pastoral School held its annual graduation just before the Vigil at the Diocesan Cathedral of the Protection of the Mother of God in Des Plaines, IL. Earlier in the day this year’s four graduates had participated in comprehensive oral examinations and the defense of their theses. One of the graduates completed his diploma with honors, another with excellent marks, and the other two participated in the ceremony provisionally. Based on their examinations and theses these two students have additional work to complete before their theses and exam marks meet the high standard the Pastoral School expects of its graduates. Only after this work is complete to the standard of the school will students receive their diplomas.
This year’s graduates were the following (title of thesis in parentheses):
Deacon George Temidis (“Normal Parish Bylaws”)
Reader Nicholas DeGraaff (“Orthodoxy and Ecumenism”)
Reader Atanas Dimitrov Megerov (“The Immutable Theology of the Orthodox Liturgy in the Mutable World”)
Reader Andrei Mouravieff (“An Analysis of Calendar Reform in the Orthodox Church and the 1923 Pan-Orthodox Congress”)
To be eligible for graduation students must successfully complete a practicum, write and defend their thesis, and participate in comprehensive oral examinations before a committee comprised of Pastoral School faculty after having successfully completed a rigorous program of 60 credits towards the diploma in Pastoral Theology or an equally rigorous 42 credit program for the diploma in Orthodox Studies. This fall the Orthodox Studies major will offer a Catechist preparation program modeled on the program outlined by the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church held in 2013. Application for all Pastoral School programs begins July 1 and closes September 1. More information can be found on the Pastoral School home page:
The Pastoral School welcomes applications from all qualified candidates, both male and female. A discount for wives of Pastoral Theology majors is available for those wishing to enroll in the Orthodox Studies program. Recent graduates of the Pastoral Theology program have been accepted at Moscow Theological Academy, St. Petersburg Theological Academy, and various other graduate theological programs throughout the world.
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